Thursday, December 15, 2011

Online Shopping With Review & Haul

This is technically Christmas time, so, I will be doing haul or online shopping posts for some time(They were overdue anyway!) Now, I was not sure about because it will involve international shipping but when I went to check the prices, I was blown-over! Dirt- cheap doesn't begin to cover it and to makes the matters worse(for my credit card, of course) there was free shipping to India. I am pretty sure god wouldn't have been happy with me if he came to know that I hadn't shopped from here *specially* after the prices.

I have only removed my address from the package.

Browsing the Site:
There is definitely scope for improvement. I am quite a pro at browsing through sites and this one made me remember the page numbers.The categories are definitely listed but not all of them quite cover the range of products they have on offer.

They prefer Paypal (and who are we to complain, right?).

My Experience:
As this was the first order, I didn't want it to be big(specially with the lost in transit and other such issues). I received a mail within 20 minutes of placing my order. I got regular updates on the status of my package like processing,shipped, sent to the Post Office, etc. Now, I was mentally prepared that it will take some time to reach me so, I was not standing at the door everyday waiting for the mail man! They even mailed me a picture of my package before dispatching it. Everything was packed in bubble wrap and poly bag, no boxes were used.

What I bought?
  • Stamping plates, of course!! (Their rates were unbelievably low  10 plates for 4.67 USD, 20 for 8.75 USD, single plates for varying prices but less than 2 USD) 
  • Nail Art 3D stickers for $1
  • Some more stickers (Random)
 My Experience with the products:
The plates (one was Konad and others were marked with B)-The Konad one was scratched (</3) and looked used. If you're into stamping, you know the blade that comes with the Konad stamp is of metal and it always scratches the surface.Do check the plates for a plastic film over the plate, if it can be removed, the scratches on the surface will disappear. My heart sank with the chipped surface of the plate, but I can live (specially, after the prices.)

Notice the blue bit? That part was actually chipped.
There were some more plates but I was tired and more importantly, the camera's battery was tired of me!

The Stickers were fine, very much worth the 1 USD price tag.

Update: Everybody else seems to have got stuff which was in great condition.No scratches, nothing broken, etc.

Delivery Options:
There is free delivery without any tracking details.
Pay USD 1.99 for a tracking number of the package.
Express delivery which basically takes away all the meaning of discount.

My Recommendation:
I think it would be better if you first start with buying something *consumable*  from there, that way you can be sure they are sending good stuff.