Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Girnar Green Tea, Instant Premix and Infusion Review

In my quest for what new thing can I buy, I came across a box of Girnar Detox Kahwa in a supermarket and it has altered my being; changed my soul. It even went on to affect the lives of the people around me. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that Girnar should hire me to market their products because I convert more people than a 'Flat 70% off with cashback' does. As of now, I am only doing this because I want to spread happiness in the world.

Let's begin.

Girnar Calming Green Tea (Instant Premix) :
All you need is a mug of hot water to get a perfectly sweet and sour cup of green tea. Calming Tea is composed of lime, green tea powder and jaggery which makes it ideal for the 'not feeling well' days. One sachet is meant for 100ml of water, but I like using one pack in 200-250ml of water. It doesn't calm me down and in all honesty, nothing less than a anesthesia has the ability to do that. However, I enjoy drinking it frequently and it makes a sore throat feel better.

Girnar Kashmiri Kahwa (Instant Premix):
This is an interesting blend of green tea extracts with saffron, cardamom and almond flakes. It doesn't quite feel like a green tea because it takes the colour of saffron with pieces of almonds floating in your mug. Once again, one sachet is meant for 100ml of hot water and I end up dissolving it in 200-250 ml of water. It is a little too sweet without enough of green tea for my liking. However, I would definitely call it worth trying. Another thing, it is expensive in comparison due to the saffron and nuts.

Girnar Lemon Tea / Girnar Lemon Ice Tea (Instant Premix):
The beauty of this black tea mix is that it can be used with hot and cold water. So, why brand them separately? Because not everyone has figured this out yet. Well, the hot Lemon Tea mix is meant for 100ml of water and the Lemon Ice Tea mix sachet is twice the quantity of the hot tea mix and is meant for twice as much water, i.e. 200ml. They're great for workplace and aren't very sweet. This is a great buy for summer. I would recommend buying.

Girnar Camomile with Honey Infusion:
Camomile is supposed to be great for stress and nervousness. I decided to try it because Girnar claimed it's good for headaches and I am one of those people who believe. So, I got me a box of Camomile with Honey infusion. Once you dip the bag into water, you cam smell the flowers and I was excepting the taste to blow me away. However, this didn't rock my world. The tea tastes like coconut and I find myself not reaching for this anymore. To be fair, all my people liked it a lot.

Girnar Rosehip and Hibiscus Herbal Infusion:
Again, this is not a tea. When I ordered this, I was only concentrating on Rose and I expected something floral. On arrival, I noticed the hip in the Rosehip and I didn't really expect much. Then? I was blown away. I love love it. I have already started telling people that this is what I will start drinking whenever I am expecting. The infusion is beautiful ruby red with mild sourness of berries( that's what Rosehip is). I cannot taste the Hibiscus neither do I know what it tastes like.

Girnar Live Lite Green Tea:
This was ordered because the description was really fancy on the website. The tea mostly tastes like ajwain. I can drink it with a spot of lemon, but I know I won't be buying it again.

Girnar Detox Green Tea Desi Kahwa:
I have saved best for the last. This green tea has rock salt, citric acid, nutmeg, asafoetida, black pepper and ginger among other things. I am addicted to this tea and like a true propagator, I have gotten others addicted too. This green tea tastes sour on its own because of the citric acid, but I really like to add more lemon juice. The hot water turns muddy in appearance on adding the tea bag and I would suggest waiting for a minute to allow the flavours to infuse. Usually, I drink it after meals. I do believe that it works wonders when you have had too much to eat or when you have acidity.

Final Verdict: You still don't get it? Let me spell it out. I am in love! In the past few months, we have consumed 7-8 boxes of Detox Kahwa, 5-6 boxes of Calming Tea, 4 boxes of Rosehip and Hibiscus Infusion and 2 boxes of Lemon Ice Tea(summer has only started).

We are waiting for the rains to enjoy the Girnar Masala Tea Instant Mix and maybe some other variety on offer.