Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist Review

Do you know what is moringa?

If you just answered the question with a yes, we really do need to be friends. I for one had no idea that something called Moringa existed. Let me give you some context first, I think TBS does a great job with lotions and shower gels, but the mists and EDTs are not complex enough for my liking. However, my first encounter with this fragrance has turned me into a believer. I bought a couple of bottles to be handed out as bridesmaid's favours.

On my way back home, I said," Moringa and Mogra have to be related". Because? Their names. Google told me they weren't. *insert sad emoji*. Anyway, Moringa turned out to be Drumstick/Horseradish tree. 

We just happen to have one in the garden and it gets beautiful white flowers in the season. Although, I never deemed the flowers interesting in the past so, off I went to smell them and they were no match for a tuberose or night Jasmine. TBS must be needing a LOT of Moringa to achieve the beautiful white floral fragrance on offer.

About the mist:
Moringa body mist makes you smell beautiful. It is a beautiful feminine floral fragrance which is easy on the nose and the pocket.
As with most body mists, the fragrance lasts for 2 hours at best and will have to be re-applied.  You can try layering the lotion and the body mist to make the fragrance last longer.

Verdict: 8/10
This was a great buy specially if Body Shop is running discounts. Even at the full price, the mild floral fragrance will fetch you compliments.

Now, one last image of Moringa with Moringa.