I am a jaded, bitter, realist, yolo/znmd, cut the losses and run, wondering if it matters version of the 21 year old girl who wrote "I am". Thanks to a life which has not been kind, I have definitely changed over the last decade. Let's call it a WIP who appreciates small mercies, whines and resents an adequate amount, tries hard and cusses very frequently.

I still read appreciate good reviews.

I am: Maansi. I am and always will be an Army kid who likes to travel, eat and shop, not necessarily in that order. Currently stationed in Pune. I have a very short attention span and I like staying occupied.
I started writing this blog because frankly, I just have a lot to say on everything!Oh! I also buy a lot of stuff and if you are a careful buyer  these reviews might help you in making a choice.(If you're one of the careful ones, do say hello.)
I was chosen as  the Notable Newbie at the Blogadda! (On 23rd Aug 2011)
Note: The opinions are always going to be honest.

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