I have an acne-prone oily sensitive skin which basically means I have many many skin issues.Here are a few products that have benefited me or in some case didn't work for me at all.If you have a skin just like mine, I hope this will help you in picking up the right kind of product.Even if you have dry or combination skin, there are products which I have reviewed that you might find useful. I am a skin care freak, so, a lot of posts are about skin-care!

*Please note that there'll be things which might make you say."wtf! Is she serious?!", in such cases, if you find it funny, laugh and move on.However, if you don't like  it, ignore it.If it is a review, you can safely take my word for it(regardless of how much I joke about it.)

(Hands and feet care products)





Since, everyone has been saying this, I also wanted to. I have bought all these products myself and the reviews are my opinions about the products.In case, some product has not suited me that does not mean it will not suit you.