Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why 'Hmmm' is god-sent?

 I just realised yesterday, how if there wouldn't have been 'Hmm' , I would have been mum all the time! So, here are some of the reasons why I think 'Hmm' is absolutely  a gift from god-

  • There would have been nothing to say in those awkward-I-don't know-what-the eff-is -going-on situations.You know, the kind where you get into trouble for saying something  but keeping mum lands you into another trouble.
  • For the times, when you don't know what to say and keeping quiet will look stupid.
  • For the times when you don't want to deny or confirm but those people still make you talk.
  • You can use it to make your presence felt.
  • 'Hmm' at frequent intervals, when on a call, so they know you're still fighting the boredom.
  • When two friends are having an argument and you are dragged into the middle of it, for thou have sinned, you did befriend them, right? So, you just 'Hmm' to what your friends say.
  • When you're not really paying attention and are actually doing something else, you can 'sound' or 'look' interested with a constant flows of 'Hmm'. You can even copy paste the 'Hmm' and only add a few m(s) so that no one finds out, if you're online!
  • Finally, when you're in trouble and you know it, just 'Hmm' along!


  1. Hahahaha Emm dis is actually true hmmmm ;) smthn similar to this is 'k' wich is d weirdest response ppl gv :-/

  2. Emm chk my blog weneva u get tym :)

  3. LOL!

    Hmmmm hmmmming

  4. :D..it is a very handy word na?

  5. @nirah, me too;)

    @siri, yes it is......which is why I use it too much I guess:D


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