Friday, May 18, 2012

Online Shopping Sites in India - Updates

I have already reviewed a lot of sites until I realised the madness of it all, hence, I have cut down on shopping, okay fine! I am trying to cut down on shopping but every new thing that I see, sort of calls me towards itself and then I .... well.....

Anyway, this is an update about some of the sites I have already reviewed and their current service status.

Urban Touch   ( Reviewed HERE )


What's with those black boxes? They used to be nice and sturdy and I store a lot of my nail polishes in them but the new ones and not sturdy. In fact, one that I recently got was sort of damaged.
Their service is still good but where did all the discounts go? On some holiday?

Med Plus Beauty  ( Reviewed HERE )

They are new, they have huge discounts, so what if the boxes are not pretty but everything is securely wrapped and did I say discounts?? In addition to all this, they also take care of the taxes, if you states has any such issues. They still need to work on the search feature of their site, it is random to a certain degree. I mean, if I am looking for a Blush Brush, why would I want to see a Foot brush in the result? ( Reviewed HERE )

I shopped from them when they were new on the online shopping scene. They still have some of the highest discounts and they  do beat  Med Plus Beauty at it but they offer very limited choices. They don' t pay the additional taxes levied by the state so, if you live in some such state, the money you saved in discount + a bit more will be paid to take care of the taxes. The old white boxes which would not have won any awards for being sturdy have been done away with! They now send stuff in brown cardboard boxes which are very strong and much better than the boxes Urban Touch is sending these days. They do lack in the looks department though!

Violet Bag  ( Reviewed HERE )

They are the ones who are actually moving forward instead of backwards ( take that UT!). They introduced a credit system which can be redeemed for discount and it has no limits. You get points for making a payment online, writing a review for some product, liking the products ( there is a limit here), referring a friend, creating an account, etc. They have quite a lot of variety but it needs improvement and the discounts are there but they are still behind Med Plus Beauty and, in this department.

Health Kart  ( Reviewed HERE )

A lot of variety and a lot of  discounts, they have not really changed much since I last shopped but they sure have introduced another mode of payment-  Internet Banking. They are sitting nice and tight! They have the initial referrer scheme which gives 100 bucks off to the person who refers and the one who is referred. Also, they are the only ones who stock on some of the items that are neither available at the counters or any other shopping site ...heck, some stuff that has not even been launched in India. Example- Revlon Slippers Nail Enamel.

Snap it Today ( Reviewed HERE )

 Serious loading issues. It takes longer than others which makes it seem like a longggggg time. Nothing much has changed since I last reviewed it except they now let you pick one item in each category on which you will get 10 % off at least but then that item is locked for some time. But they do sell Oriflame online.  Since, I had shopped when their site had been really really really new, they did start sending stuff in a cardboard sheet which was wrapped in a plastic sheet.

The sites which are not mentioned here are the ones I have not shopped from. Like, Style Craze, would you believe I have not even shopped once from there? Major brands, I have not reviewed it to talk about updates.

P.S- The result of the Bootie Babe Nail Polish will be announced at night.