Friday, March 16, 2012

Online Shopping With MedPlusBeauty.Com

In  India, we have moved on from having no option to shop online to *a lot* of shopping sites offering brands that we have been hunting for....ever!  Initially, I was trying to keep up with such sites but I no longer have the stamina( or money, for that matter:P) to shop *so much*.Yes, there, I have said that even I am ( of all people!) a bit tired of shopping. 

However, I had to shop from because of the discounts and the huge variety they've.They have brands ranging from budget-friendly to the ones which are not at all budget-friendly!

Ships to:  India

 They ship your package out very promptly.

My Experience:
I didn't want to place a big order because of the Octroi issues in Maharashtra but the Purederm masks were practically calling my name. So, I placed an order and paid up. After a few hours, I got a call from their customer rep telling me that there were some pricing issues so I had been charged  extra 10 bucks and he asked if it would be fine if they sent something worth that money? I said,"Fine". I got the package after some time and I was asked to pay octroi. I had initially asked MedPlusBeauty on their FB page about Octroi and I was told they'll take care of it! So, I mailed them and there was no response and I am one restless soul, so I called them and I was told that I have to pay the extra octroi charges and they ll be refunded to me.I asked them, how were they planning to do that? I was asked to mail my bank a/c details.

So, I paid up, took the package and there was no extra goodie  to cover up the extra money that I'd been charged. So, I called them up and I was told that money will be refunded too!

I mailed them the details and after 7 days, I got the money back!

From my Haul, I have reviewed, Purederm Vital Radiance Mask in Honey

Why you should shop at MedPlusBeauty?
  • They have a virtual studio where you can try out the products.
  • Discounts.
  • Huge variety.
  • They have value points for everything in the store which can be redeemed for various things.
Areas they need to work on:
  • They need to work out the glitches like the difference between the price listed on the site and the actual price.
  • Refunding octroi charges by transferring it  to the bank account is definitely a long procedure.

Final Verdict: I like the site, discount and their service in general but yes, they need to be more prompt with replying to mails. We are now used to quick replies and great customer care!

PS-In case you're wondering, nobody paid me anything to write this post.I didn't even get any ermmm...special benefits, ya know? Life's hard, I tell you.

PPS- What do you people do with all that bubble wrap in the packages?
Note: I am asking because I now have too much bubble wrap hence, bursting the bubbles is no fun now!

Update ( 30/04/2013): Yes, I still shop from MedPlus Beauty but not as frequent because I am struggling to pay my bills. Anyway, the problem with Medplus beauty now is that they have increased the minimum amount for free shipping to 600 and they also charge 50 bucks extra for COD orders.Values in INR, in case you are based outside India.
Oh! and they don't send a mail to let you know your package has been dispatched so, try to turn into a telepath?

(6th May 2013): So, I got a call after I sent a message to Med Plus regarding my order and they told me that one of the items is out of stock. Well, they certainly need to work on updating their website.
When I asked if they could cancel just that one item, the lady on the other side of the call told me that their minimum free shipping limit is 600 INR ( Thank you very much but I realised that when I placed the order for 610).

IN case you are interested, I placed the order on 21st April 2013. Maybe they were counting on my forgetting about the order?!