Monday, November 14, 2011

Home Remedy for Dry, Peeling, Brittle Nails!

My nails had been giving me a very hard time. My once upon a time pretty nails had started breaking and peeling( You know, when the layers of you nail starts coming out). I went to a Dermatologist and his medicine did have some effect but in some time, it was all back to square one. Here's a remedy that I tried which worked!

Take 1 teaspoon of  100% pure Almond oil (Don't use the cheap versions of olive oil as they contain only almond essence and mineral oil). Pierce one capsule of Vitamin E and squeeze out the whole content into the oil. Mix them well.Store it in a bottle and apply it directly on your nails and cuticle and massage thoroughly. There will be an instant shine but you'll get a permanent shine only after using it for a few days.
  Alternatively, you can use olive oil but the results will be much better with almond oil. Any brand of Vitamin E capsule can be used.

Do tell me if this makes your nails better! :) 


  1. Alternatively if you have spare 500 bucks you could buy Bodyshop Almond nail & cuticle treatment. Not that it would make sense though :P

  2. I bought the Sally Hansen one and another Oriflame one, so it would make sense to me:P But this has worked much better than the treatments!

  3. Ah! girl after my own heart. :)

    Yes this definitely is more economical and effective. Though I wouldn't mind recommending Bodyshop one to any lazy person out there. It has worked very well for me.Plus the ease of usage counts. Fuss free.
    I think I would be great to refill that pen with the the homemade oil. Dont know if it is refill-able.

    1. heck dont buy that..the stupid aluminium tube burst!!!!!

    2. arey but she was talking about that pen that they have which is filled with almond oil

  4. That's one big factor! Ready to use, easy to carry.:D
    I bought them for the same reason but I had time to while away so,I borrowed this grand idea from a friend's boyfriend(imagine!). He just pricks a vitamin E capsule and applies it directly on the skin but I felt it was a bit too sticky that way.

  5. *ease of use
    *I think it would be great

    I have been trying to ignore the mistakes but ....

  6. hmm...sounds like a good idea. Though my nails arent brittle..i think a little tlc will make them go a long way!! :)

  7. @Kejal,You're right.

    @nirah, lol!


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