Saturday, March 24, 2012

Circular Insanity's Bootie Babe Nail Polish Giveaway

In my last giveaway, I asked what kind of prizes do you want to see in the future giveaway and a lot of you answered with Nail Polishes and many of you loved my Bootie Babe nail polishes, so, I hope you will like this giveaway's prizes!
Btw,we should seriously thank, Mark O'Hara! (He's the guy who developed these cute collectible polishes and is the CEO and President of SuperBooty LLC)

Presenting...........The Bootie Babe Nail Polish Giveaway!

(wow! I have started talking to the point!:O)

 The Giveaway is Internationally Open!

 There are A LOT of entries but only 3 are mandatory, the rest is upto you! So people who are lazy like me can pick and choose;)

Best of luck!

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