Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bonkers for Bootie Babe

By   Zara KM  For The Bootie Babe Giveaway!

 She got them from him,
And showed them to us.
And I simply don't know how,
But they created a huge buzz.

Was it the risque shape?
That brought a huge smile to our faces..
Or the plethora of shades?
That is sure to tempt the masses.

Electric Lemon,
That super bright yellow,
One look at it,
Turned my brain to Jell-O.

Purp slurp,
An Orchid-y lavender,
Made me hunt these down,
Like a hungry scavenger.

Bossy Mossy,
Is a glorious parrot green,
Would suit any age,
Oldy, middle-aged or even a teen!

Blue Baboo,
A fresh water blue,
Ah! what a shade!
What a stunning hue!

Now I'm super excited,
For this opportunity come my way.
I cross my fingers and say a thousand prayers,
So I can win this Giveaway!

(Note from the Insane(that would be me): I have never seen anybody who is so bootie obsessed!
Also, don't copy it, okay?)