Friday, September 09, 2011

Why you shouldn't take gifts from your boyfriend?

  • You have no place to store those gifts. 
  • You have no place to hide those gifts -and- they are not worth the risk.
  • Your mind is corrupt with the thoughts of how you *might* be taking advantage of his naivete.
  • You are a feminist which is similar to a corrupt mind mentioned above.
  • You have everything you want already.(really?)
  • He will get a chance to boast about how his girlfriend is really cool, among his friends.
  • During a fight, specially if you are wrong and he is right, you get a chance to claim he has done nothing for you,which lead you to do whatever it is that you did.
  • He is trying to give you a bunch of flowers (that you're allergic to) while claiming his undying devotion.
  • The relationship might not work out and you're just saving the trouble of sending him his stuff back.
  • Finally, the most important reason, you do really really love him and you want him to know that you're with him only for love.