Monday, October 24, 2011

Shoes That Make You Drool From the God Himself.

Everybody has a favourite designer and some lucky people can even afford them! I, regretfully don't belong to that category. According to me, Manolo Blahnik has no comparison when it comes to making shoes, his shoes are all  handcrafted and there is a long waiting list at the stores for popular products like the pumps made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in 'Sex And the City'.

These shoes were from what I remember $ 895. BG would like to sell them for $945 but they are currently out of stock!

Now, the shoes below have been chosen because it is winter and even if you cannot buy expensive shoes, you have to look at them and admire them and then frantically search for a look-alike (tell me if and where you find them)

These suede shoes are brown, they are also available in black and have 2.75 inch heel with shaft of 15".
Price:69,681 INR only

If you are done laughing at only, we move on to the next object of desire.
Again suede, it has a nice pink colour with kitten heels. I, personally, don't like snake, crocodile or skin of any other such animal. They freak me out!! I am kind of big on the leather alternative shoes and bags. They are, well, guiltless. But you can still admire the beauty and the craftsmanship of these shoes.

Price: INR 37396.28     
They are cheap for a Blahnik!

These are again suede and I just love this colour. This will brighten up any cold and dull night or any plain and dull dress( if you can afford it, that is!)

Price:32015 INR (cheap again, right? :P)

Now, we move on to nude pump slingbacks. These are SAKS EXCLUSIVE! (For those of us who cannot buy, this doesn't really make a difference, I know.)

Price: 39010 INR

Btw, for a change, I do know where you can buy a similar looking pair of shoes! Carlton london has just the shoe for somewhere around 2000 INR.

A snakeskin metallic shoe, it cannot be shipped to India. Like I said, it creeps me out but just the same a great looking pair of flat.

Price: 41162 INR

The list cannot be complete without anything red, hence, the next pair.

 I know I said the shoes are ones meant for winter but this red wedge is so cute and I love bows. I didn't like bows at all, some time ago but it is all changed now!
Price:32015.52 INR

 These are just so drool-worthy!!!! 

Price: 40624 INR

Now, it's black's turn. I know it's suede but I can't help it.
A pair of black kitten heel, it looks comfortable.

Price:37396 INR

Now, we on to my love at first sight! Pink coloured pumps which are not out, yet but can be pre-ordered from Saks website.

Aren't they gorgeous? 

Price: 32015 INR

The images have been taken from the Saks Fifth Avenue's Site and they ship internationally and to India as well!


  1. Those open toe sling backs are so darn pretty. Love!

  2. I knowwwwwwwwwwwwww.... it has gold and silver flecks which look so awesome together.

  3. The 2nd and 5th one. *Drooling* Me want! hehe.. NOW!

  4. @Pandora's box.... you can get shoes which look just like the 5th one at least:D

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  6. I had my mouth open scrolling your post :P I love all of them ....too bad I can't walk in them(except of course those cute ballerinas) + I can't afford any of them :P

  7. @swar, I can't afford them too but no harm in admiring:D

  8. yeah those slingbacks are gorgeous! might have to get a pair myself :)


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