Thursday, November 24, 2011

Natural Bath and Body Ylang Ylang Whipped Cream Review

I do have a science gene in me( my parents got that right!), you know, always ready for experiments. In my case, I buy *anything* on a whim.'Buy now, think later' kind of situation. Natural Bath and Body is a product of the same company which manufactures products for Fabindia. I bought the Ylang Ylang whipped cream from Natural Bath & Body because it was whipped( can be used on oily skin), Ylang Ylang (liked the smell) and it is winter time!

Company Claims:
Not much. All they claim is that it is suitable for oily skin as it is whipped and hence, it is really light, has Vit E and moisturizes skin.

 Wash your face.Pat dry. Take the cream and massage in circular motion for 2-3 mins for the cream to get fully absorbed.Use it on your face or hands.

My Experience:
The cream is light and gets absorbed really quickly. It has a colour which is neither white nor cream, its more like a muddy-off white shade. There is just one problem, it feels like they took a truck load of ylang ylang and condensed it into 50 ml and made the cream. The smell is so strong that when I apply the cream, the room starts smelling of Ylang Ylang. Too much for my liking and it is a bit pricey for a room freshener.


Price:Rs. 325 for 50 ml
The Good:
  • Whipped cream so it is really light.
  • Keeps my skin moisturized for long time.
  • Works better than lotion and doesn't leave the skin oily.
  • Strong packaging.

The Bad:
  •  The packaging is not very strong or attractive.
  • Isopropyl palmitate? carbomer? Hain?
  • Price might be an issue for some.
  • Strong smell.
  • I have only seen it being sold online.

I'd Suggest:

This is good enough for mild winters and works a lot better than the lotions.However, if you have very dry winters in your area, this cream is not for you.The smell is strong; so buy it if you like Ylang Ylang A lotttttt!!

My Rating: 6.7/10 ( -0.3for availability and -3 for smell  and yes, I remember I said I liked Ylang Ylang!)

Check out the Rest of the Natural Bath & Body here


  1. hey,,just subbed in..

    nice review,, m seeing this stuff for the first time,,sounds nice..
    also,,cute blog,, :)

    god bless u

  2. whipped cream.. yum! high time i make the fruit cream recipe :P

  3. @namita, thank you:) Natural Bath & Body is available on Urban Touch, if you want to try.

    @Deeps, I know, whenever I see whipped cream written reminds me of food:D

  4. I dont know how ylang ylang smells. WHat is it btw?

    I lost the post after whipped cream part! I am out of here! FOOD!!

  5. @nirah, lol!! ylang ylang is a tree and its flowers are used as essential oil...

  6. sounds like a very gud product...guess it will suit me..but i have sensitive nose :P

  7. krupa, me toooo! There's a green tea variation of this but I don't know how strong that one smells!


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