Friday, November 25, 2011

SOTD: Purple Faux Suede Peep Toe Ballet Flats

If there can be an Outfit of The Day(OOTD) and other such variations; there can be SOTD as well! Says who?Well, I do. Today's 'Shoe of The Day' is a purple ballet flat with a bow. I don't fancy bows much but I do love purple. At one point, I had to tell my sister to not let me buy *anything purple* even if she had to snatch it from my hands(I am pretty sure she had fun doing it too!). Well, we were out shopping and it was one bright and extremely sunny morning and I was walking around in these. It was fine but narrow toes are *still* narrow and when I put my foot in these, it felt like heaven!
(Oh! If you've not heard me mention (more like scream) my shoe size, it is Europe 40/41, US 9.5/10, Indian/UK 7 but then it came with the height!)

Don't mind the sand, I 'd worn it outside and had not cleaned it afterward!!


  1. I love purple and bows! the ultimate shoes! luuurrrrveeeee it! <3

  2. I was happy to have these in my sizes:D

  3. Very pretty!purple is fun,you should never stop buying! :P

  4. looks pretty esp d touch of d bow..
    i adore ballet flats..dey r so comfy &classy...

  5. @Dora, Never:D

    @Sunaa, Thnx!! I like them too for the same reason:D


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