Friday, October 14, 2011

Ballet Flats From Khadim

These shoes are  somewhere around a year old but I love them.These nude flats go well with everything and you can wear them everywhere. I like not having to worry about if  my shoes are fit for the place or not.
 These ballet flats are available upto size 8 (Indian shoe size). As you can see, these are size 8 shoes. My shoe size fluctuates between 7-8(Indian Size) or 40-41( UK Size) depending upon the cut of the shoes.However, there is always a little difference between the same sized shoes from various brands.

These are made of leather and are quite comfortable but  they are still not meant for walking long long distances.

It has been about a year and I have worn these shoes quite frequently but they are still fine and very much wearable.

Price:  349 INR

Khadim is not available everywhere. It's based in West Bengal but there are stores in selected cities all over India.