Friday, October 14, 2011

Flats with Rounded Toes- Scandal

White flats, according to me are as essential as black shoes. The only problem with white shoes is maintaining them. It takes a lot of effort. These are flats which I purchased from Scandal The Shoe Shop. On a recent trip to Mumbai, I got these white ballet flats with rounded toes and a teardrop styled cut because I didn't have anything of that sort. I love shoes and no longer buy them out of necessity but because 'I don't have a particular variety'. Anyway, my feet are a Reebok 7, Bata 7 , UK size 40-41, you get the idea, right? It is hard to find shoes in my size but now, I know a few places which have shoes in my size and never forget to pay them a visit. I do feel sad when I can't buy the flea market stuff but life goes on....I say!

This is Scandal's shoe size 11. It has a silver coloured base and a black rubber sole. It looks like a variation of peep-toe to me.If you're going to Mumbai and have a shoe size problem or you just like buying shoes, you can check the store out.

These will keep your feet safe in winter.

Price: 899 INR

Scandal The Shoe Shop
512 Linking Road, Near National College,
Bandra (W)
Mumbai 400050  


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  1. I really like the white flats. Nice post.

    You've got a real sweet blog. btw My first giveaway at my blog.


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