Friday, October 14, 2011

10 Ways To Reduce Hair-Fall

From my past experience, I have realised that you can never really stop hair-fall. However, you can reduce the amount of hair-fall. There are few tips which will reduce the amount of hair-fall and make it healthier.

  1. If you've split-ends, get a haircut of twice or at least 1.5 times the length of your split ends.Suppose, your hair has split-ends which are about 1 inch , so cut at least 1.5 inches of hair.
  2. Don't brush your hair often, twice a day is more than enough. Remember how we rubbed a plastic scale on our heads and it was able to attract bits of paper due to static electricity? Don't? Well, you can try it now! Anyway, same thing happens when you brush your hair very often. This static charge makes your hair rough.
  3. If you have to brush often, use a wide spaced comb or brush to entangle your hair and then use a finer-tooth comb if you need.
  4. Start entangling your hair from the bottom and move towards the scalp. This has been the most effective trick in reducing hair breakage and hair-fall.
  5. If possible, switch to a brush with rubber or wood bristles which are rounded.If you can't find these, you can use a plastic/ fiber comb or brush with rounded tips from some standard company. I like Vega and Roots and you can get them easily from any supermarket chain.
  6. Everyone knows this but I will still say it," Always condition your hair after shampooing it.
  7. When you oil your hair, apply some oil to the ends as well. I know how they say only the scalp is able to absorb it but the ends of your hair are older and rougher than the hair near the scalp, hence, you've to moisturize it so the shampoo doesn't make it very dry.
  8. If  you've dandruff and you're tried all the popular shampoos likes Head & Shoulders, Clinic All Clear, etc, try a shampoo like nizoral or scalp.If these don't help, go see a dermatologist!
  9. Keep your scalp clean.Wash your brush at least twice a week or as frequently as you wash your hair.
  10. Trim your hair after every two months or so, that way your hair gets entangled less because you get rid of the oldest and the most damaged part of your hair i.e. the ends.

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I hope you find these tips helpful!