Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Holiday Giveaway!!!(Closed)

As some of  you might have noticed, I have a *slight* obsession with nail lacquers and nail stamping. Hence, this giveaway. I am counting on getting some quality company of nail stamping addicts!! :P

Here's what you can win!


1 Small Special Polish -5ml (White),

1 Image Plate (M2),

1 Scraper,

1 Stamp

The Giveaway is now open up to 11:59 pm GMT 11th Jan 2012!!

Here are the rules:
  • Anybody can enter including guys because you can always gift it away, you know!!
  • It is open internationally.
  • You *just* have to like the facebook page of Circular Insanity , follow the blog through Google Friend Connect publicly and subscribe via email and confirm to enter the giveaway.(You can spread the word *if you want* through blog or facebook)
  •  You can also follow me on twitter(+1)  HEREand tag me and tweet about the giveaway(+1 every tweet per day) and leave your twitter id in the comment section.
Oh and you already know the whole deal about winner having 48hours after the results to confirm, right?
And we will be counting on for our winner!

P.S.-After I ship the package, it won't be my responsibility anymore!


  1. lovely giveaway.. entered :)

  2. I am bad at this so let me know if I filled the form right.

    And that post script-LOL. If I somehow win here you will have to wish me luck for the courier to reach me. :P

  3. Rekha :)

    @Nirah, Dontcha worry about it, I have become a pro at coaxing those couriers to deliver on time:P

  4. Emm!! Dont forget to enter my giveaway! :D

  5. I'm your new follower and Thank you for the giveaway.

  6. Thank you for entering everyone:)

  7. gosh I submitted the form twice. plz ignore the first one..

  8. Done :3 Enter me please.

    GFC: Federica
    FB: Coactus Volui

  9. enter me!
    liked and shared on FB!
    my link:
    FB: Sunshine's Fashion
    GFC: Lebi

  10. Could not comment on the post from 6th of January (don't know why) so I'm writing my Twitter name here:

    GFC: Yasinisi
    Twitter: @Yasinisi

  11. enter me!
    liked and shared on FB!
    my link:
    FB: annalisa amura
    GFC: ali82a

  12. Enter me !
    Liked on Fb!
    my link:
    GFC: Velmy


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