Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Shade Platinum Frost - Review

Indian market has not many (any?) choices for nail strengthener. Thanks to online shopping sites; there are a few options available. I did *some* research ( Okay! I spent 2 hours on it but you gotta do what you gotta do) on which Sally Hansen or Orly product is worth the price. I was disappointed with the Orly ratings considering the price I'd have to pay for them! Sally Hansen did  wee better in the price-result ratio(  And no, I have nothing to do with commerce/ economics.).

Presenting the winning product out of the research, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails!!

I bought the shade Platinum Frost so that I could use it for layering or as a base coat. It came in a plastic grip which was attached to a card base.

Want great nail protection AND great shine? Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Color is your solution. It gives nails a hard, smooth, chip resistant surface that helps strengthen and support. Nails are sealed with brilliant shine for added protection against chipping, cracking and splitting.

3 coats before the Pillow case mani:P

Texture, Intensity & Effect:
 It did deliver the shine it promised. Platinum Frost is sheer cream coloured shade. The consistency was a little runny and it was not easy to keep it away from the sides of the nails. If you're planning to wear only this AND you want it to be noticeable, you'll be needing a new plan. This is the kind of shade which won't make anybody uncomfortable because it won't show. This has another advantage though, you can wear it anywhere and never look out of place.

Drying Time: 
It took considerable time in drying up. I have become a bit impatient with all the quick-dry nail enamels that I have been using lately.I ended up applying three coats and after half an hour, I ended up with a new kind of manicure, the imprints of my pillow case were on my nails, voila!

Long and easy grip; finishing could have been better.

Price: 225 INR for 13.3ml (USD  4 approx)

  • Glossy finish.
  •  Long Brush.
  •  Can be used for layering.
  • Drying time. 

 Final Recommendation:
 I have been wearing only single coat of this and have experienced no chipping which in my case means A LOTT!  So, I would suggest you give the shade of your choice a try.


  1. nice stuff......... price is also ok for 13.3ml.

  2. @Ani, it hasn't chipped yet and I just have one coat on, even nyx chipped in a day:D and you can get it on discount at UT or HK

  3. I call these my palate cleanser shades.Very handy .

    The dry time is deal breaker though. I have this strong urge to open some can or at least run my finger tip over polished nail within minutes of application.
    Which reminds me how itchy I become if I put mehandi on both my hands. :P

  4. Me too!! I feel like opening a door or cupboard but I can sit quietly with mehndi on, surprisingly:D


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