Friday, November 25, 2011

Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil Review

I had heard a lot of praises for the Trichup  Hair Oil from the Complete Hair care Range. I found the site which sold Trichup products online. I decided to buy the hair oil from the Hair Fall Control Range. I have been using it for about a month.The oil comes in a 100ml flip top bottle.

Salient Features of Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil:
» Arrests hair fall
» Increases the strength of hair roots
» Improves quality of hair
» Revitalizes hair, gives it natural bounce and luster
Directions For Use : Cleanse off the hair with Trichup Shampoo - Hair Fall Control. After thorough drying, apply this oil on the scalp and massage gently using finger tips until it get absorbed in skin. Keep overnight for better results. Repeat 3 times a week for minimum of 4-6 weeks.
Presentation : 100ml opaque flip-top bottle.


My Experience:
 I had high hopes from this oil. First of all, 100 ml won't last long if you use it as frequently as they say.The smell is  not very strong but it does linger on for  quite some time. I apply the oil at night and leave it overnight and wash it with L'Oreal Total Repair Shampoo, my hair has definitely become smoother. In fact, I have tried using no conditioner after shampooing and my hair still feels soft but the main purpose of this oil was reduction in hair fall and it hasn't fulfilled that purpose. I wanted this product to work so, I have been using only this oil and no other products.Maybe it will work for people who use no hair oil usually but I would not count on it.

Price:Rs 100 for 100 ml @ Vasu store 95 INR

  • Makes my hair really smooth.
  • Flip top cap.
  • Strong packaging, you'll experience no dripping or any such thing.
  • Reasonably priced.
  •   No improvement in my hair fall condition.

My Rating: 5/10 ( It did serve half the purpose by making my hair smooth but didn't serve the purpose of preventing hair fall)

Although, hair fall can be caused from variety of reasons and this oil doesn't cover my reason but it would be a safer bet to invest your money in the complete hair care range but let me tell you I have not tried it yet!

PS- If the oil suddenly starts working, you will see an update.


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  7. Please i have bought Trichup oil and Trichup Shampoo but the package have an other color!! what does is mean please??

    1. Is it yellow colour bottle? First I used this green color & it's quite sticky....thn I changed to yellow it's better

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Is it yellow colour bottle? First I used this green color & it's quite sticky....thn I changed to yellow it's better

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