Monday, September 26, 2011

Fashion And You- What to order?

Fashion And You is a site which sells products on two day sale basis. Although I have noticed that if there is one day a shoe sale for brand X then it goes on for 48hours and after that, you will still find the some of the shoes on sale from brand X in a bigger footwear sale. Initially, I was skeptical about buying from this site because I had read reviews about people getting stuff which didn't look crisp or fresh so I never ordered. But I finally decided to try it after I saw a sale which was too good to pass up. I ordered the stuff and it was shipped within the specified bracket. They have even started the concept of express shipping( i.e. shipping within 24  hours) of certain items. It is mentioned on the sale if the products will have express shipping. Instead of telling you how effective the site is, I decided to give you some pointers based on my observation to get a really good deal. You can use these tips if you're buying from any site which has various brands on discount.

Things to keep in mind while ordering from Fashion And You -

  • Make sure you have enough discount to cover the Rs.100 shipping that the site charges.
  • There have been times when I was not able to locate the site of the brand that was on sale, the only sites that mentioned the brand's name were the ones selling it. My take is that if it is that good a brand there has to be a website for it!
  • Sometimes, the products that are on sale can be traced back to the brand that they mention but do not belong to the current season's catalog. In such cases, make sure the deal is really good enough for you to be spending that much amount of money because it obviously,  is not from the latest collection.
  • This tip is definitely for FnY only. At times, you will notice some stuff is sold out, however there are chances that somebody blocked them and did not pay for them, so the item is available but the data has not been updated. If you really have your heart set on it, check back the next day! I have found some of the things that I wanted available the day after I saw them marked Sold Out! Do keep in mind, there is no guarantee that you will find the things available but no harm in trying right?
  • In case of cosmetics, I have noticed that some of the items that are on sale on FNY are not available in the market, so there must be some reason behind this, make sure before you buy.

My Experience with Fashion And You-

I ordered a Reebok sweatshirt from Fny just to see what kind of stuff comes. The package came and it was in good condition.When I opened it, the sweatshirt looked brand new But  I checked the price tag and saw that it had been manufactured in 2009. That's like stuff which is two years old! So, now we know how they can manage to give so much discount.


  1. Hey very interesting article..m yet to shop from FnY but when i do will definitely keep your tips in mind :)
    btw you mentioned on imbb that kryolan primers are good..any idea which one of it? does it work on combination skin? I am planning to get one so thought will gather all the info i can as I cudnt find much on internet about it:( thanks for your help :)

  2. Hey Parita,
    You can check Kryolan Ultra Under base out, it should be fine for combination skin and if you want you can couple it with ultra foundation from the same line.It is not sufficient for my oily skin though.I hope that helps:)

  3. great review :)
    I was thinking of buying stuff from this site but was a li'l skeptical about it. There are clothes that never go out of fashion(or maybe they always look good :P) however old they are(I mean what ever their year of manufacture be). Will try out buying something if I find anything interesting at an affordable price there..

  4. I bought a sweatshirt and it was never *in* to go *out*;) but if something has been stored for a long time, it's life does get affected.


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