Friday, September 09, 2011

Why you should accept gifts from your boyfriend?

Here are few of the reasons:-
  • Gifts are always nice.
  • If your relationship works, you'll have some concrete memories to cherish.
  • If your relationship doesn't work, you can feel better by burning the flammable stuff.
  • Alternatively, if your relationship doesn't work out, you can look at all the stuff and say,"At least, I didn't waste my time for nothing".
  • If he hurts you, you can send all the stuff back to him in order to make him feel bad.Alternatively, you  can keep all the good( read as expensive) stuff with you and make him feel worse.
  • You'll be able to judge how well he knows you.This can be done in following ways:
           1. If he gives you a surprise and he brings exactly what you wanted-
               Don't let him go, such men are hard to find.
           2. If he gives you a surprise and he brings you something you already
               have or you don't want/need/like-
               He definitely likes you, he tried to make you happy, let it go this time.
               Next time make sure you drop enough hints about what you *really*
            3. He gets nothing and doesn't even remember the occasion-
                Why  did you fall for him,eh?
  • It's your Birthday,Anniversary, Weekend or Weekday.