Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Vice Choice

No matter who you are or where you're from, the choices you make will fall under two categories- the wise choices and the not so wise choices, also known as vice choices. You can choose to be nice, friendly, polite, submissive, you know, the kind that is trampled upon by everyone or you can choose to be mean, nasty, bitter, the kind everyone talks about but no one really likes( subjected to how rich or important you're but even then they'll only act as if they like you).Supposedly, I made a transition from the first category to the second but I still claim I only 'act' like I belong to the second category.
Now, coming back to the point, some people think it is cool to drink, smoke or dope, some do it in order to fit in to the crowd while some are plainly addicted.I, however, don't drink, dope or smoke. You might wonder how I manage to survive, well, I manage,somehow. Due to my inability to take up any of the popular vices, I have found my own outlets of 'creativity'. I  have chosen to eat and shop as if there is no tomorrow. Seriously, I don't think I would like living alone when everyone else I know has gone away so, I have joined in with all my heart. Literally all my heart! I shop  for shoes because you know, they might just run out of shoes in my size-its 40 and they do run out. Every time, I see a chocolate truffle pastry, it beckons me, I can hear it! Now, I don't complain when I am fed all those pesticides, insecticides and huge vegetables with growth hormone or made to inhale all that smoke from that car of yours, do I? So, if I have to die, the least I can do is pick my own poison, which I have.

I am not yet sure how shopping is going to kill me but I think it is better if *I* spend all my money and then die because everybody is anyway joining me in this race to heaven/hell.(Subjected to matter jurisdiction)