Monday, November 07, 2011

Online Shopping Experience with Urbantouch

This post is long overdue!I don't know what kept me from writing this, maybe some form of amnesia?! I have shopped from Urbantouch many times and I love them. The first time I ordered from them, my order was shipped to Coimbatore and I was like 'wth?!'. SO, I wrote them a mail about it and I got a reply within 2hours. My package was being redirected to my place instead of Coimbatore. Though, I still dunno why they shipped the package to Coimbatore but I received my order intact, so, I let it go. The next time I ordered, the package *was* shipped to my place. I have ordered from Urbantouch quite a lot of times and I absolutely love the black box and they pack the products really neatly. In fact, they had packed it so nicely that when the man who delivered it dropped it, I went 'Ohh my gawddd' but when I opened the box, everything was intact!!

  • The real quick response by customer care.
  • Variety of brands on offer.
  • The current offer  of free gift.
  • Packaging. Lots of bubble wrap and thermocol and the really strong and good looking black box!
  • COD service covers loads of areas.
  • On orders above 500 INR, they send you free samples.
  • Free shipping regardless of the size of order!
  •   I have received a Fairness face wash for Men 'sample' with every order till date.I would prefer if they sent something based on the customers profile.


  1. Every website from healthkart to UT and others send the same samples. VLCC, Oxy..., Acnes.
    That VLCC cream btw is terribly bitter. :)

  2. Which one? That sunscreen? I don't use any of them. I have saved them all and store them in a box:D

  3. Yes the sunscreen.
    I love your header. There are books and there are nailpolishes. Easily two of my favourite things.

  4. Thank youuuu:D It took me quite some time to make it look like this!


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