Monday, November 07, 2011

Pretty and Affordable Footwear in RED Under 1000!!

I have recently become obsessed with Red. I have even started buying things in red which I *never ever* thought I 'd use and one of them is shoes. I saw red wedges which had me hypnotized, seriously! On top of the hypnotic power of red, it is wedding season, so not buying red colored shoes is a crime...!!  Hence, this list of red footwear which is affordable so you don't feel guilty about not using it much.

 Let's start with my favourite from the lot. This beauty has comfortable wedges and a glittery bow with slingback.This one is from My Foot  and yes, that's seriously the name. I have not been able to locate the brands site but bestylish stocks it!

  Price: 889 INR

Cons?  Only size 6 is available!

Buy it here!

Now, its a strappy sandal's turn. It is red with medium height heel and will make your feet look delicate.This one is from Lemon Pepper!

 Price: 899 INR

Buy it here !
Some bling for the wed-ding?

  Price: 499 INR

 Buy these here !

The next pair of slip- on from Hush Puppies  looks great and is very comfortable because you cannot wear heels the whole day, right?!

  Price: 899 INR

Buy these here!

The cutest shoes on the block! The next shoes are again from My Foot. I love the bows, I love the flats!

Price: 789 INR

Buy these here !

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these images!


  1. nice collection..esp the last one :)

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  2. they look awesome! Footwear in red is always in and can never go out of style.

  3. Deepika, I totally agree with you!!

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