Saturday, August 20, 2011


I recently came across an advertisement of  and decided to take a look into it.If you want to buy cosmetics online, there are not many sites in India.If you don't live in the metros or don't have time to spare, it is hard to look for the product you want, ordering online solves that problem.

Why buy from this site:
For Discounts:Almost all the products offer some discount on the retail prices(yay!!!!)  

Initially, there was free home delivery for orders above the 500 INR but now they have brought down the limit to 300(another yay!!!).For orders less than 300, there is a flat shipping rate of  Rs. 60, which makes the discount useless.

They send the products using a registered courier service and claim to deliver in 4-6 working days.I ordered  12 days ago but have not yet received my package but they were prompt in shipping my package and mailing me the tracking number.If you don't live in the metros(I don't!), it will take a little more time in shipping, so I was prepared for it.
They have the option of cash-on-delivery but it is available everywhere and they charge an additional Rs.40 for it while if you pay instantly, there is no additional charge.

The sad part is that once an item goes out of stock, you will have to wait  for an unspecified period and they don't have huge stocks of  products.I tried buying more than one bottle of a gel and it allowed me to buy only 2.

They even reduced there free  shipping limit!!!!!!
Now, you have to pay a shipping of flat Rs.40 for an order below Rs.100, if the order is more than shipping.They are increasing their range as well!!

I will say give it a try, there are some very good bargains and there is a new deal at 12 everyday!

My Experience:
The first time I ordered, I did have some trouble! The package was roaming around all over India, thanks to the courier service and I was whiling away my time waiting for it. I eventually wrote an email to customer care and the reply was prompt.However, I still had to wait for 2 more days before I got my package.

They did deliver my package.This is what it looked like.

This is how my package looked thanks to being in transit for 10 days.

Inside,the contents had been individually wrapped in bubble wrap and all of it was kept inside a poly bag and this bag was kept in a box full of confetti( shredded papers).

After the first time, the delivery time decreased because they changed the courier service. There was an incident where I ended up paying more because even though the cart had been updated, the bill amount remained the same and I had to pay the billed amount. The customer care brought it to my notice and when I told them what happened, they gave me a voucher worth the difference. Hence, shopping again was my duty!!:P

I have shopped four times from  them and here is the list of the things that I bought:
(I was on a nail paint buying spree:P)