Saturday, September 10, 2011

Elle 18 Nail Pop Number 47- Swatch and Review

The shade reminds me of watermelon.In the picture, there is only single coat. On application of two coats, it darkens and starts resembling a watermelon more and more.As with every other Elle 18, problem is the brush which is short and stubby.I am doubtful if it even reaches any more than middle of the bottle. It will be harder to use nail paint after the quantity goes down the mid level. Dries up  quickly in about a minute.Less quantity so you can even dare to buy the shades you don't usually wear.

Price:Rs 45 for 5ml

Coats required: Two should be enough.

Cons:No ingredients mentioned on the label.

  •  Dries quickly.
  • Price.
  • Variety.

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  1. whenever i go to my local beauty store, i make sure i buy 1 nail pop..being reasonable and with decent staying power, it allows me to experiment with many colors and i so love their packaging :) :)


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