Friday, October 28, 2011

L'oreal Resist & Shine Titanium Review

L’OrĂ©al Paris Resist and Shine Titanium is a range of beautiful nail enamels combining intense colour and shine with an incredible long hold formula…. including Titanium for the extra resistance! Colour looks vibrant and the result is chip free.

L'oreal's Resist and Shine line of nail enamels has been inspired by

Doutzen Kroes

She is a part of L'oreal dream team of spokespeople.

I bought the L'oreal Resist and Shine in the shade Sparkling Ochre simply because I had nothing in that particular shade. In the bottle, sparkling ochre looks like a rich shimmery brown . When you apply it, the red undertones in the shade become visible. It is a shade which is ideal for the wedding season. It will add to the beauty of your ethnic wear. This is one shade which I think will look fine with almost all the shades so you don' have to change your nail colour as often.

Artificail Light and No flash

You're supposed to take the top cap off and hold this black head while applying the nail enamel. I think it is a lot more convenient this way because L'Oreal Resist and Shine has kind of bigger caps.
The brush is flattened unlike the other nail enamels. I did not see any difference in application though!

Consistency: It is kind of thicker than the other nail paints that I have used (maybe that ensures the long wear claim) So, you have to be quick while applying it otherwise clumps will be formed.

Lasting Power: L'oreal claims it will last for 7days but on my nails it lasts somewhere around 4 days.( In my case, that is a pretty long time)

A very practical choice of nail colour as it is pretty and it makes your nails stronger because of the titanium in it!

Price: 400 INR for 8ml or $ 8.


 Will I buy it again?

I don't think so!

Rating: 6.5/10


  1. I think Loreal needs to get the pricing right. We can get OPI,Zoya here online for similar price and they do better nail paints than Loreal.

    A very very pretty colour though.:) Do you layer your nail polishes. I think it would look great over a deep rich colour.

  2. This one is not the best pic, nirah but I sometimes layer it. Most of the times I am too lazy.This one has a medium opacity. I will still try it and let you know but I don't think it will work. There is a similar shade in Elle 18, number 5 that one looks similar and can be used as a top coat. I think I have swatched it.


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