Monday, April 09, 2012

Viviana Nail Lacquer in Snow White - Review and Swatches

For past some days, white polish has been stuck in my mind. Nothing makes your stamping pop-out like black and white. I already had a black and was looking for a white creme. I have been buying a lot of cremes lately and they are the only thing that make me happy. Anyway, after a lot of swatch hunting and research, I bought a white polish except I shouldn't have! I got a Viviana Nail Lacquer in Snow White which was a white creme.

Artificial flash.

I already own a Viviana nail lacquer in Outrageous Sky  which I love because it is budget friendly as well as DBP and  Toluene free.

Consistency, texture, etc:  It doesn't have a very thick consistency so it cannot be that 1-coater.  It is a creme(unlike the usual Indian polishes which seem to make every colour in pearl finish). In comparison to outrageous sky, it is a bit thin.

Application: You will need 3 coats to make it opaque. 2 coats give it an even coverage but you can still see a bit of your nails through the polish.

With Flash.

Brush:  It is the usual Viviana brush. It doesn't make your nail polish look streaky. What you see in the pictures is Snow White without any top coat.

Drying Time: Quick. I was not expecting my nails to dry up soon after the 3 coats but they did.(This does not mean you try and open that bolted door after  5 minutes of applying polish like I did!)

Price:  129 INR for 8 ml but online shopping sites, namely Urban Touch have it on discount.

  •  It is a Cremeeeeeee!!
  • Perfect for base colour.
  • Cheap!
  • Toluene and DBP free.

  • Not a 1 - coater. 

I think it is a great budget buy specially for those of us who experiment more with  our nails  or who just want a white without the usual pearl finish that Indian companies offer us!

**Sample but my opinions are honest.