Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Viviana Nail Lacquer Shade Outrageous Sky Swatch & Review

This is my first bottle of Viviana Nail lacquer in the shade Outrageous sky 003.Viviana is an Indian brand and  I bought this shade because of its name. Initially, I 'd thought the colour would be more of a turquoise blue but it turned out to be a bit darker than that. Now, this is the kind of shade you can wear in the evening if you're going to a party or if you're like me and wear shades according to your mood then you can wear it any time!

I think it will act as a great base for nail art.

Viviana Nail Lacquer provides a long lasting extra gloss finish. The special formula, ensures a perfect adherence along with constant viscosity and an incredible smoothness. It is Toluene and D.B.P. free and is water resistant. 

No base coat or top coat. Artificial Light.No Flash.

The first coat didn't turn out to be even. There were some area where there was a lot of paint and some which were still transparent. When I tried running the brush over the excess paint areas, it was able to even it out a bit unlike the other nail paints which clump and come off. The second coat evened everything out and coverage was full.The brush is easy to work with! I think the consistency is a bit thicker because of the water resistant and longer lasting formula.It is basically  a  creme.

Glossy even without top coat.

Price: 129 INR for 8ml
          Urbantouch -105 INR for 8 ml

Lasted For:Tip wear after 3 days(without base or top coat )

Layered with Faces Nail Enamel Shade Shanghai Shimmer.


  1. Lovely colour. It is so nice to see all these colours at affordable price.

    It looks really nice on your hands. Even I like Viviana brush.

  2. Thank youuuu:) It is very good for its price.I have seen the perfect nude shade NP in this range. I will buy that next:D

  3. hi Emm, thanks for visiting my blog yest. Nice blog u got urself too..the shade looks really good one u

  4. I am looking forward to the swatch.

  5. Kejal, I read what you were saying about the bunch of nail paints that was caught on the screener and had to visit:P Btw,Thank you so much!

  6. @nirah,First u will have to bear with a bit of stuff I got from US:P


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