Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Floral Print Handbag And Oasap.com !

I like neons, pastels and all bursts of colours that are being thrown everywhere but I just feel, you have got to draw a line somewhere!Regardless of what the fashion world or world in general are saying, I will not buy a neon pink denim. It is just not my cup of tea. I like to buy things which don't  go out of style...ever. Anyway, I was looking for a handbag and it looked like every place was flooded with  colour blocked or in-your-eye shade bags. Some of them were really good looking but I have no rich husband to cater to my whims, so, I just got this floral print bag because it looked pretty, had some charm sort of thing attached ( I am obsessed about them), it looked very feminine and I could use it next season too(not that I would notice the difference).

 In case you still have not guessed, I am the kind of person who buys the biggest totes/ hobos available and stuffs them with things because you know, the world might come to an end and I don't want to be without a hand cream ( or band aid or hair brush in 2 different sizes or nail polish wipes ...get the drift?) when that happens.

Hand Bag:  Oasap.com  
The site operates out of Hong Kong. (Here is the direct link to the handbag)
On my Nail: Viviana Party Exotica

Shipping: Free, Worldwide
Delivery Time:  Although, the post office got the package in 10 days, there were some address issues so it took them 5 more days to figure that out( Hail Indian Postal Service?)
Order Processing, Confirmation, etc:
You will get a mail confirming your order and then you will get notifications when they start processing your order and later, mail it. However, you won't get a tracking id in your mail but you can get that by logging into your account.

Came Packed in:  The bag came inside two plastic envelopes.

Customer Service:  In the mail which notified me about the shipping of the order, it was mentioned that I should contact them if I don't get the package in 10 working days. I received a prompt reply on mailing them. 
Payment Options:  Visa, Mastercard, Pay Pal, Google Check out, Am Ex, Discover

 This is one bag your mother will approve of ! :P