Friday, April 13, 2012

Black and White Flip Flops From Adidas!

I am not a fan of flip- flops because they remind me of automata(which I hate) and they are make that annoying futter- futter sound. I had been abusing the last pair that I had for quite some time so, I had to get a new one.  Like my all other shoes/footwear post, I have to mention that my feet are not that big and why can't Pune stores stock the size 40?!

 Well, I liked this blue-green pair which had a label of size 7 (my size) but it wouldn't fit me. So, the guy commented that this is too small for you and went to look for something and  came back with this white and black ones. I tried them on and they fit me fine (they had the size 7 label too!) and the guy was again going to comment when I cut him short with "This is fine AND I am taking it". Why wouldn't those SAs let me make my own decision, I don't really know.

Hmm, they should make cute ones in my size too:(

See! it is my size! On my toes: Lotus Strawberry Idea

Btw, in less than a month, the colour started coming off (I noticed it because it turned my sole black) and now, I have one black and white slipper and one faded slipper. SO much for Adidas, huh!