Monday, April 30, 2012

Vega Wooden Bristle Paddle Brush Review

Once upon a time, when not many people read my blog, I wrote a post on 10 ways to reduce hair fall, I mentioned a Wooden Bristle brush there but I never got around to getting one for myself. Every time I would go shopping, I would buy end up buying other things but never this.

Finally, I have corrected the mistake. I cannot tell you the number of times, I felt like buying the smaller versions just to save some 70-80 bucks, but I have already broken one from Roots because it just was not meant for de-tangling my hair, so, sensibility(?) prevailed.

I was also bothered about that one hole in the base of the brush, it looked like the forgot putting a pin in there.

I use this brush for de-tangling my hair and sometimes, I also use it instead of a comb, when I cannot find it!

You can use it for : De-tangling, Hair Styling ( It won't even bend the rubber or plastic bristles do because of heat)

It has rounded-bristles which massage your scalp and make your hair shine without using any other product. Also, it lasts a long time since it is very strong( I have tried its strength, you know.)

Price: INR  275 INR on Vega's site or 182 INR on Urbantouch( approx 5-6 USD)

Other options:  There are wooden bristle brush from Bare Essentials which come in Blue and Pink; Roots  which you can find in various retail chains and online but it is a bit pricier than the vega brush of same size and Vega has a small and large round brush and this paddle brush. A lot of them say, it is meant for curly hair but you can use it if you have straight hair too!