Saturday, April 28, 2012

BeYu Nagellack ( Nail varnish) in 381 Royal Shimmer - Swatch and Review

This is my first ever nail polish from BeYu  and I just could not find any swatches except for one shade known as Brilliant Shiraz , which was gorgeous and not available!  After a bit of research, I zeroed in on 381 Royal Shimmer ( what's really weird is that the bottle carries only the number 381 and no name but Med Plus Beauty, where I got this from, decided to give it a name).

Click on this to see the flashes of other colours.

  This is one gorgeous polish, I feel. Indian polish makers (nail polish;not shoe polish)  should take a lesson or two from this and make something just as pretty!
Don't you think the bottle looks a bit like Zoya?

Price:  INR 250 for 8ml ( 5 USD approx)

Lasted For: Some 3 days

About the Polish:
 I had a very hard time capturing this polish. It is kind of complicated, it has a base which shifts from blue to purple with turquoise glitter in a jelly. Removing it is not hard but some of the glitter does stick to the nail.
It qualifies as a duo-chorme but it is not as prominent as some of the polishes we have. 

What you see is two coats and a glimpse of matte-effect on the polish which has a story behind it.

Click on the images to see the bigger version.

Artificial Light.No flash


This is not matte, I thought it was dry and I went to sleep and well, it wasn't completely dry, so, now, you know!

It's matte for a reason, the actual polish is glossy though not much.

So, are you planning to buy this?