Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel- A Review

I had read very good reviews of Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel. They raved about it so much that when I saw it on Urbantouch I had to get it. I have dark circles which refuse to go away thanks to the late nights. I have been using it for about a month and that is more than sufficient time to make up my mind about it, right?

Claims & Ingredients:

My Experience:

It is a clear gel which is smooth in application. I was initially very happy to read the list of ingredients. But you have to see that instead of ingredients only active ingredients are mentioned. I still applied it religiously twice a day. I have no idea about how effective it is for wrinkles and fine lines but it did nothing for my dark circles. I tried variations of applying it too. You know, all over the eyes, only under the eyes, etc but no difference it made to the intensity of my dark circles. It did not even feel refreshing to me! On applyin it all over the eye, the gel felt heavy. Thankfully, it is only 20 ml so I will still finish it( I have this thing against throwing things away).

Price: 115 INR for 20 ml

  • Affordable.
  • Easily available. You can buy it here.
  • Spreads easily.

  • No reduction in dark circles.
Rating: 4/10

Final Verdict:
It would be far more effective if you use an raw aloe vera or aloe vera gel from Brihans or Patanjali(Baba Ramdev) .


  1. aaww another bad purchase..i have been trying many eye cream but some how i always shift back to patanjali too :)

  2. I had high hopes for this one, Ana :(

  3. Hi dear :)
    This worked quite fine for me :D, I don't have very dark circle but it lightened then to an extent.

  4. Hi Divya, I did buy it because a lot of people said it worked:)

  5. I finally found an eye cream that works and one that is pretty to look at. They are different creams though :P

  6. @nirah, which one worked? I can live without looking at it:P

  7. Your 2nd follower. You could try Vlcc undereye cream, it worked for me. You can read the review on my blog. I have only tried a couple of products from Aroma and luckily they worked for me, better luck next time dear :D Thanks :)

  8. @beautydiva Thanks so much babe :)

  9. after used this not even dark circles didnt reduce but lot of fine lines appeared under the eye...pls dont use this product.its good for nothing.

  10. @ammu, I have stopped using this because it dries up the eye area in winters:)

  11. even I m using this currently afta reading many goood review
    nt just this one eye gel ant mrng n eye cream at nyt both frm aroma magic
    let's see hw it wrks fr me :)


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