Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Discount/Offer @ Urbantouch.com

You pray to god everyday, I visit online shopping sites everyday. Pretty much same thing, right? Remember they were giving away a surprise gift until a few days ago on every purchase above Rs 500?? Well, they have re-invented that idea and are now giving a surprise gift on every 500 INR  that you spend. Fair, I'd say!

P.S.- Last time they gave out all the Fabindia stuff.


  1. I got a Fabindia facial spray and Fabindia aloevera eye gel. I dont know what to do with the spray and I just play with the gel.
    I wish they'd do some cashback or credit points kinda system.

  2. All the people I know got either the facial spray or the gel or both(on two orders).....if you've oily skin, you can use the spray whenever you're feeling kind of tired or sweaty and if you've dry skin wait for summers to use it on your face


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