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Joy Honey & Almond Nourishing Gel Review

Since, the winter season is here, I thought I would share my experience with Joy’s Honey Almond Gel. I bought the first bottle of this gel last year in winter. The skin on my face doesn’t dry up winters but becomes rather taut, but my hands and specially the palms become really rough and dry. I was looking for a product which would be retained by my skin for at least a few hours even if I wash my hands or face with water. I hadn’t even heard of this company and there were no ads on the television as well! There are now, the ones with Anushka Sharma. The shop’s owner vouched for this gel so I chose to give it a try. He even claimed that the reason behind the low price was lack of advertising!!

The gel has a pleasing smell. I can’t exactly place the smell but it does smell like honey and almond oil.
As you can see, the colour is orange. When you take it on your palms, it appears a light orange. Even if some colour additives have been used, none has been specified on the label.

What the gel contains:
Ingredients are not mentioned but it does say on the label that it has Shea butter, honey, Aloe Vera, sweet almond oil, glycerine, vitamin B & E.

What the gel claims:
For softer, smoother and younger looking skin

  • Shea butter soothes and protects skin from environmental damage.
  • Natural Honey smooths and moisturizes.
  • Aloe Vera provides healing, soothing and moisturizing.
  • Pro vitamin B & Vitamin E soothe irritated skin and restore skin’s moisture.
  • Sweet Almond Oil soothes and softens the skin.

What the gel does:

I cannot use it on my face in any other season except winter because it is sticky( I think I get the sticky feeling because of glycerine) but I use it for my palms and hands all year round as it keeps my hands moisturized. It is ideal for people who have dry skin and/or live in a place which is dry. Hence, the gel lives up to its claim of soft and smooth skin. I cannot say about the claim of younger looking skin though! If you've dry skin, you can use it all year round.

What it costs:
Rs. 75 for 200ml bottle

18 months

Where can you get it:
Where ever they have a stock of Joy products but it is easier to get the lotion by the same name, the gel is a little harder to find. I have seen a lot of cosmetics shops stocking on Joy products, especially after the advertisements were aired.

  • Rs. 75 for 200 ml.
  • Works like magic for dry skin or for dry hands and feet.
  • It comes in a tub so you can use even the last bit of it.

  • No snazzy packaging but it is cheap.
  • Lack of ingredients list, I like knowing what I am applying on my skin because of the constant fear of breaking out into a zit. However, they have mentioned some of the ingredients in their claim.
  • Availability might be a factor.
  • A tube packaging would have been hygienic.

Final Verdict: Definitely, worth trying!

Visit Joy Cosmetics Site here.(They don't sell online yet.)
                                                                                                                (written for M&B)


  1. i don know where i can get this one ..:(

  2. I haven't seen it in any of the bigger retail stores, ana. You should try looking for this in neighbourhood beauty parlours or shops which sell cosmetics :)

  3. Thank you so much for this write up on Joy Honey & Almonds Gel. As the head of the marketing team of Joy Cosmetics, I have taken a note of all the cons that you've addressed here, and take pride in the pros you mentioned :) Of the cons, the packaging of this product is undergoing a change next season, and we are working very hard on making our products widely available. Your suggestion of having it in a tube pack and ingredient list, has been noted appropriately.

  4. Hey shreya, Will be eagerly waiting for the new avatar :D

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