Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Viviana Nail Lacquer in Party Exotica - Swatch & Review

Hello Everyone!   I am going out on a 2-day workshop about something and yes, I said something because I don't exactly know what it is. weird, huh?  I do know it has something  to do with hair and I just hope they actually know something about that, the usual brush your hair twice a day won't cut it any more and it wouldn't look proper if I laugh at something they say, right? Hmm. And, if you just thought why am I going there? It is because my friends enrolled themselves and *bugged* me till I enrolled as well.

Party Exotica is one of my favourites from the  Viviana Nail Lacquer family. 

But, it was a very difficult  nail colour to photograph. What you see in the pictures varies from teal to a  blue-grey-green combination.
In reality, Party Exotica is greener and it looks very pretty. Since, photographing it was quite tricky, I have taken picture indoors as well as outdoors in the sun to give you a fair idea of how it looks.

Artificial Light.

Lasted for : 4 days with 3 coats.

Consistency:  It is thicker than Viviana Snow White, so you just need to 2 coats for coverage but I still went with 3. Third coat also makes the brush marks prominent if you are not careful.

Drying Time:  Upto 2 coats, the drying time was quick. It was dry to touch in less than 5 minutes but with the 3rd coat, drying time increases multi-folds.

Price:  INR 129  for 8 ml

You can read a more detailed review of Viviana nail Lacquers Here.

The pictures below have been taken outdoors.

So, what do you think??