Saturday, May 05, 2012

Diana of London Nail Varnish in 14 Burgundy - Swatch and Review

This polish is the ultimate example of how you can not go by the shade swatches/pictures on the websites/companies page.  Diana of London's City Glamour range has a shade 14 Burgundy, which is shown as a metallic purple colour Everywhere. I bought this from Med Plus Beauty but everywhere I have checked, they show the same pretty purple picture!

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I have had my phase of pinks but I no longer like them. However, no complaints regarding the polish and its consistency or application. I have already reviewed  a Diana of London nail varnish HERE.

The best thing is that it is very glossy on its own! I have not applied any top coat but it still reflects! I just want the purple colour shown in their shade card.

And, if you're wondering why does the shade card show purple when it has even been named Burgundy,  I thought about that too!
PS- Ignore the dents, I don't remember how I managed them, but I sure did somehow:/

Except the last one, the pictures have been taken in natural light.
See how much it reflects? That's my window!

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