Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why am I Broke: Electronic Shopping Electronically with Flipkart!

Yes, cheesey title, I know!
Anyway,coming to the real topic, I am on the verge of being disowned, not only by my family but also by few other friends.Why? Because they don't want to foot the bill no more! Everybody has started telling me how much do you shoppppp?(As if I know!). I have even half started expecting people walking on the street to stop me and tell me, I need to cut down on my bills.No, this has not happened,YET.
So, I am trying to mend my ways and I will show you some of the old stuff that I got.
I was looking for a really cheap phone, preferably a dual sim and looked around a bit and the best deal I found was on Flipkart.

While shopping for this phone, I also saw an epilator and you know how those deals literally seduce you into buying them......

You can  Buy Samsung Hero Music E1232B     here! Awesome battery life......I charge it what? Once in 15 days!!

Check the whole range HERE

I did a lot of research regarding the prices of epilators and the cheapest I could find was  HERE

I finally chose to buy Morphy Richards Cashmere Epilator because it had different speed settings and heads and it could be used on the face tooo!!

Buy Morphy Richards Cashmere Epilator (Orange and White) 

Note: The price has been increased a bit...I got it a little cheaper but the discount is still more than any other site I've checked.(Detailed review later!)

Finally, I bought a purple coloured cover for my phone and I did love the colour variety.The quality turned out to be excellent, no problem of the dust gathering up and ruining the look and no grip issues as well.

On my nails Sally Hansen Crackle

Check out the variety here