Friday, January 13, 2012

Holiday Giveaway Winner!

Why have I not posted in past two day? Because I have revising what I learned in KG! I have been counting people and today, I vowed I am not getting up unless I finish it. So, there were a total of 602 entries and quite a few duplicate posts. Also, some didn't pay much attention to the instructions which made my work harder but its done now...thankfully:P

The winner issssssssss.............Fantasia!!
You have 48 hours to reply and I'll draw another winner.
I used but I couldn't take a screen shot because the keyboard is rotten, so, please bear with me.Also, if anybody is giving out a new laptop please tell me, for a change, this is something I realllllllly *need* instead of just want.

Most importantly, I have already bought something for next giveaway but still do suggest if there is something you would like me to put in the giveaway( nail polishes, skin care goodies, etc) and the next giveaway when we hit 250 (I hope that's soon!)...till then.........sit tight (or move around, doesn't matter:P)!!!!