Sunday, December 25, 2011

Shoes of the Day: Black Denim Kitten Heels with Bows From Mochi

I recently saw Black Denim Kitten Heels From Mochi' s store (A Brand from Metro Shoes) and fell in love with it! I always wanted shoes in Denim but never quite got around to buying them because they were usually available in blue (Yes, I know the whole Denim and Blue story but a girl wants variety!). What's more? These were available in my size(btw, 40 i.e. my size is the last size in the brand! Thank god, they didn't stop at 39!)

Price: INR 1190 (USD 24)  (I also noticed on the Metro's site that there are denim shoes under the brand name Metro  priced at 990 INR or 20 USD  but the bow pattern on top is different!
Where can you buy them?
At the store, these are not listed on the website!

Colours: Blue, Black.

On my Toes: Viviana Outrageous Sky
The denim is textured but the texture is not quite visible in the black shoes but you can see it on the blue ones quite clearly!
 Here's how they look on my feet!

What do you think?