Friday, November 11, 2011

Stamping with Konad Image Plate m82

I just wanted to show the result of my nail stamping with Konad Image Plate m82.

Base colour:Maybelline Colorama Black

Stamping Colour:Konad Special Polish in Pearl White

Image Plate: Image Plate m82 from Konad.(Click here for a full review)

How do yo like it?


  1. hey emm!! this looks really pretty!! Great stuff!! :)

  2. I have always wanted to give konad a go. Any ideas on where to get it from I live in New Zealand?

  3. I bought this one from a site which ships domestically but you can buy some of the plates from Sadly, they don't have all the plates on offer but they have great discounts which makes everything else seem fine!

  4. Hi Emm, you can buy konad nail plates from

    That's where I buy my konad products from. They have all the konad products.

    Your blog is nice, i'm following you now. If you like then you can follow back. Would really appreciate that ^__^.


  5. I bought my konad plates from niru's but now they have increased the rates:(

  6. I love that design! Your blog is great, I could spend hours reading it! Thanks for visiting mine :-D


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