Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Konad Nail Art With Image Plate m82 And Konad Special Polish

I had been recently complaining about how Nirus Nail And Beauty  still had not shipped my order but they had! Unlike other shopping sites, they sent the package through Airmail and do not send notifications like order shipped, in transit, etc. Anyway, I had ordered Konad Image Plate m82 because I just thought it was very cute.

This plate is not meant for you if you want your nail art to fill your nails completely. The  designs on this plate won’t stand out. If you are planning to contend yourself with 2-3 image plates and you do want to get noticed, I’d suggest going for the bigger designs. The bigger designs are hassle free as well. It took me one whole hour in order to get the designs completely on my nails and the result was not well for all the designs. Because of the metal scraper that comes with the   stamping tool, there were a lot of scratches on my image plate so, I have been thinking about using a small plastic scraper instead. 

Via www.chez-delaney.com

The designs you see in black are the ones that will come out filled with colour while the rest will appear only as outlines of the shape or object.

When you use the stamp, the sheen of newly applied nail paint vanishes. So, don’t forget to use the top coat as it will protect your design and make it shine.

These are the four things that I used apart from the Konad’s stamping tool, scraper and remover.

How to Use the stamping kit for nail art-
  1. Apply nail paint on your nails and let it dry completely.Use a colour which creates stark contrast so that your nail art can be noticed from a distance.
  2. Spread a tissue paper or a newspaper and keep the stamps, image plate, special nail polish, q-tip, cotton and nail polish newspaper.
  3. In order to obtain the most visible results, use Konad special nail polish because it has a thick consistency.If you can find some other nail enamel with a thick consistency , you can use that.
  4. Keep the image plate on a hard surface and apply the nail paint you want to use for stamping on the design of your choice. Quickly scrape off the extra paint with the scraper(Make sure that the scraper is at an angle of 35-45 degrees with the plate.)
  5. If the design is big use the larger side of the stamp otherwise use the smaller head. Press the stamp on the design and gently roll it in order to pick up the design.
  6. Press that design on your nails and gently roll it again to get the design on your nails.
  7. Use the Q tip to clean the edges of your nails. Wipe off the plate with remover.
  8. Repeat the steps again from step 1 for another nail.

This design came out the best because it had two solid flowers instead of the outlined ones. 

The fishes came out fine but the flowers and the stars are not very clear because the design on the plate contained only the outline.While the flowers are filled with colour.I haven't cleaned up the area around my nails yet.

Price: Rs. 175  for the image plate.
           Rs. 200 for the Double sided stamp and scraper
           Rs 140 for the Konad special polish-(Pearl White) 5 ml/ Rs 240 for 11ml

What I like about Image Plate m82:

  • I loved the designs. All of them are very cute specially, stars, butterfly and fishes.
  • The designs are very intricate.
  • If you have long nails, these designs will decorate your nail at once.

What I didn’t like about the Image Plate m82:
  • The designs as you can see consist of a lot of outlines only design. The problem is that by the time you apply the nail paint, scrape it off and press the stamping tool, the intricate veins become set with nail paint and don’t come off on the stamping tool.
  • If you want a nail art that fills your nails completely, this is not the image plate you should be buying.
  • Requires a lot of patience!

Recommendation:If you're a beginner, try using plates with bigger designs as they come off nicely at one go unlike the intricate designs.