Monday, September 05, 2011

Online Shopping with

Flipkart is the first site that I shopped from online.I was never sure of ordering anything online but I needed some books urgently.You might be thinking...who needs books urgently? Apparently, I do. I have ordered quite a few times from them.There was only one time, as of now, when I needed to call their customer care and  complain.They had shipped the package but the current status on the courier's site was insufficient address, which is so stupid considering I had received another package from a previous order just the day before "on the same address". I will still say they were very nice about it and I got my package as well but it took 2 days to make sure the courier company did something about the missing package.

The books are shipped from different warehouses so the delivery time differs from place to place. I have received books from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Banglore.

Some of the books that I have bought!

The books come with small bookmarks which are very cute and they are wrapped packed in plastic before packing them in the card-boards(the one in pic above).If the product is delicate, it is wrapped in a lot of bubble wrap so that it reaches you safely.All the things that I have bought from them have reached me intact.
They have even started a gift wrapping service but they charge extra for it!:(

Everything is great about them except the two mentioned below.

  • No loyalty programs or additional benefits for regular customers!
  • You've to pay for gift wrapping.


  1. yes..they indeed have a good service
    and i love their cute n funny bookmarks

  2. I have only 4-5 different ones....they keep sending the same ones over and over again*sigh*

  3. dont worry u can send soem to me...if they r same ones ;;)

  4. you'll be getting your share with the books I sent you:)


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