Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Acne Story Part II - Some More Hits and Misses

I have this weird habit....when I am talking to people, at times, my mind is involved in a different conversation altogether. Hence, I come up with pieces of info and facts that very few or nobody cares about. Hmmm some waste of talent, I say! Anyway, in the previous post I mentioned some of the weird and not so weird suggestions I received from people. I have a history of doing research about know somebody who would Google 'Google'. I came across some more treatments and home remedies and I was game for anything so, I went on to try as many as I could.

  • Tea Tree Oil - This is the messiah of acne treatment. I first came across Tea Tree Oil in a magazine and it mentioned a certain tree grown in Australia and I thought,"Damn! Why don't we have anybody in Australia?". The magazine people were nice enough to mention a place in Delhi where you could buy it but I didn't bother to go around looking for it. After a few years, I tried using Tea Tree Oil from an Indian brand. The essential oil was effective in getting rid of a few zits but again, nothing permanent. I wanted the zits to go away and not come back, ever. Another worry was getting rid of the scars but I will get to that issue a little later.
    So, in order to achieve a permanent answer to my acne problem, I did more Google-ing and I realized that people swear by Tea Tree Oil from Thursday Plantation. If you can find it, do try it.
    In India, Aroma Magic, L'Occitane and Soulflower offer Tea Tree Oil. Please don't use any essential oil on your skin without diluting it with a carrier oil.You can also add a few drops in your cream or face pack.
  • Lavender Oil -My research about getting rid of acne scars or any scar in general led me to Lavender essential Oil. In fact, I wrote a detailed post on the various uses of Lavender oil which you can read HERE. (I wrote this post when I was pretty much the only one who read my blog :-P)
  • Wash Your Face A Lot - Didn't help, at all. You see, the oil glands produced more and more oil to compensate for the loss. However, you can splash water few times a day and not use any face wash or cleanser.
  • Clindamycin and Clindamycin A - My dermatologist gave me both of these. Before he prescribed these ointments, a girl had told me about Clindamycin but I would suggest not trying out such drugs and ointments on your own! In my case, Clindamycin didn't suit me at all and I started getting more red spots on face and they did go away when I stopped using Clindamycin. However, Clindamycin A was a totally different story as it did clear up my skin but there was minor peeling of skin(Doctor had warned me about that). So, even though I went around looking like somebody who had not seen moisturiser or cream in life...ever, the acne was clearing up.

I will write about more things in my next post. After all, I have spent years with acne which means I have tried a lot of things and not a lot of things worked otherwise I wouldn't have to live with it for years.

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* What worked for me might or might not work for you. There are some home-remedies that I have mentioned, please feel free to try those but as far as medicines and ointments are concerned (when they are not the Over the Counter kind), it is always better to consult a doctor.