Thursday, January 17, 2013

Darling Diva Polish in Unbridled Avarice

 People at my work place think I am some nail genius who comes with unique ideas all the time. In
reality, I have just been layering polishes and nothing else. Unbridled Avarice (Hence forth will
be called UA)is a multi-coloured-holographic-glitter but it is major-ly purple(My favourite shade!).

About the Polish & My Experience:
UA is another creation of Darling Diva Polish and I just wonder how she(the creator) comes up with
such mind-blowing combinations!!

I considered building up UA up on its own and 4 coats or so would have done that but it would mean
using up so much of the gorgeous polish at one go! Hence, I resorted to my miserly means and
painted just a coat of UA on top of Kleancolor 167 Metallic Purple and as you can see, they are a match made in heaven.

BTW, Unbridled Avarice means uncontrollable greed for wealth (which can then be used in polish-buying, I am just saying.).

The picture below is the only picture in daylight/natural light rest of the pictures have been taken in artificial light or with a flash..

Price: USD 8 for 15ml of purple-holo-ey goodness(You can buy it here)

I wanted to try wearing UA on other colours too, specially green but that's for another time.