Monday, November 19, 2012

Maybelline Express Finish Nail Colour in Turquoise Lagoon

I am at home and all I have been doing is eating and sleeping...if only I could live without going to office, I would be very happy. Let me not digress any more; this is my very first bottle of Express Finish from Maybelline. I have tried only the Colorama range before this and it is definitely worth the money.

Turquoise Lagoon ( 862) is one of those colours which camera doesn't capture perfectly so, I took various

shots under different light so you will get a good idea. Personally, I have no concept of summer and fall colours, all I know is when I want to go bling-y and when I don't. Btw, I noticed that the US Maybelline site says Express Finish takes 50 seconds to dry up while our Indian version dries up in 40 seconds....we actually have something faster!

The picture below is very close to how Turquoise Lagoon looks in reality.

Price: 200 INR ( USD 4)
Number of Coats: 2 for full opacity.

  • The polish actually dried up quickly; not exactly 40 seconds but very fast.
  • The brush was also smooth and a bit flat(unlike the Colorama range).
  • Sturdy bottle.(Mine slipped off but thankfully, didn't break)
  • Lasted about a week with minor chipping.
  • Nothing really. 

*Sample but my opinion is honest. I make it a point to test every product before writing a review.