Monday, November 26, 2012

Allen Solly Winter Dress Fest and Some Suggestions!

The Allen Solly Dress Fest is currently going on and I consider it my duty to visit the store and give you my (very precious) opinion! In order to win an opportunity to feature in Elle magazine, all you have to do is buy a dress from Allen Solly and get your picture clicked in the store. OH! and you do have to upload it on Facebook. (Read the FAQs).

Click on the images to view the larger version.

 I went to the store and the first thing that caught my attention were the bags from their collection. They had a satchel in black which is kind of hidden behind the belts in the picture above. Very basic but you can club it with so many things!

 This dress in lace was available in both white and black but I think it looks more delicate in white. You can wear this with a blazer and kitten heels if you want to make it look formal. I'd say black heels and blazer? What do you think?

In the two dresses pictured below, I liked the first one mainly because it had pockets and the stretchable waist. One downside? If you have a tiny waist(lucky you!), the waist won't cling to you like it should. The second dress, (also pictured above) is something I would definitely buy for the winter. It is warm (I don't exactly remember the material but it has some percentage of wool in it), with full-sleeves and it comes with a belt! The first thing that came to my mind would look really nice with a belt and then I noticed, it did come with a matching belt. In case you are not to fond of tie-around belt, you can also pair it with a leather belt and boots!!

1.Black in satin/silk sort of material.                                                                    

There are colourful stoles on display which are for 1299 each. I would really like to have the yellow, orange and lavender one and the navy blue clutch too and while you are at it, I would also like to have the blue and brown handbag, mainly because I don't have anything like it?

Allen Solly  now also has shoes but the outlet at SGS mall, Pune had not received them, well, maybe next time.

There was also a pleated dark pink dress with a thin black belt but because of the lights in store, I couldn't capture its actual colour but if you plan to enter the contest, do take a look at that!

Allen Solly Winter Dress Fest- 17th November 2012 to 2nd December 2012